Wilma Vannoy Birthing Center

More Perks!

After your baby is born, it's time to celebrate! At the Wilma Vannoy Birthing Center, you and your partner will enjoy a free steak dinner before discharge.

A photographer will also take your baby's first pictures before you leave. You are not obligated to buy, but many parents treasure these keepsakes forever.

Birthing Center Accommodations and Amenities

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The Wilma Vannoy Birth Center aims to be as comfortable as possible for you, your family and friends, and your new arrival!

Birthing Suites

The Birthing Center has three Labor, Delivery, Recovery and Postpartum suites. You will remain in the same room from the time you arrive until you are discharged. Each suite has a flat screen television, a pullout sofa bed for a support person to spend the night, a rocking chair, wood flooring, a private bathroom with shower and an alarm clock/CD player.

Each suite is also equipped with the most advanced medical technology to monitor your and your baby's health, and to assist with the birth. An up-to-date fetal monitoring system allows you to be continuously monitored by our Registered Nurses as well as your physician. This includes monitoring of your contractions and your baby's heart rate, even while you are up and walking.

Comfort and Pain Relief

Our Registered Nurses are have undergone special childbirth training. They can suggest alternate positioning, relaxation techniques and comfort measures to lessen pain and create a more natural birthing experience.

Should you decide to have an epidural, anesthetists/Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists are on call 24 hours a day.

Baby Care and Feeding

The Wilma Vannoy Birthing Center encourages "rooming in," so you can keep your baby with you throughout your stay. While a nursery is available if you need a break, you are encouraged and supported while you begin to care for and bond with your baby.

Registered Nurses trained to care for both you and your baby will be with you throughout your stay. They will review the basics of baby care, including bathing, diapering and feeding so you can be confident in looking after your little one.

You will also receive a free visit from a lactation consultant so breastfeeding can get off to a good start, and more lactation support is available after you head home. The Wilma Vannoy Birthing Center has earned a 4-Star Breastfeeding Friendly Designation for meeting six of 10 Steps of Successful Breastfeeding as outlined by the World Health Organization and Baby Friendly USA.

Before you leave the hospital, you will get a free carseat check to ensure your child's seat is installed correctly.

Additional Classes

Childbirth, breastfeeding and childbirth refresher classes are offered at Ashe Memorial Hospital on a regular basis. Sibling classes are also offered to teach young children the basics of what the new infant can and cannot do and proper handling. Call 336-846-0734 to learn more about the class schedule.