Otolaryngology Services (ENT)

Whether you are suffering from common allergies or a more severe concern affecting the ears, nose or throat, the medical providers at Ashe Memorial Hospital and Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat have the diagnostic and treatment expertise to assess and address your problem.

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Our board-certified otolaryngologist handles both common and complex problems affecting the ears, nose and throat, including:

  • Pediatric and adult ear disease.
  • Allergy and sinus concerns.
  • Throat disorders.
  • Head and neck cancers.
  • Sleep disorders.

We employ powerful diagnostic tools including CAT scans and ultrasounds to assess your ear, nose and throat problems non-invasively. We also offer in-office balloon sinuplasty as a treatment for certain sinus problems.

Audiology Services

If you know you are having trouble hearing, or if family members or friends are concerned about your hearing, the audiology team at Ashe Memorial Hospital and Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat are here to help. We offer:

  • Comprehensive hearing evaluations.
  • Hearing aid consultations, sales and support.
  • Repairs on most types of hearing aids.
  • Free demonstrations of hearing device technology.


The Jefferson office of Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat is located within Ashe Memorial Hospital at 200 Hospital Avenue. Call 828-264-4545 to learn more about services available or to make an appointment.