Mission, Vision and Values

About Our Mission Statement

Our mission, values and vision promote teamwork, dedication, caring, listening, service and concern for the well-being of our patients, staff and visitors, and have been serving the health care needs of Ashe County since 1941.

Mission Statement

  • Investment in the development of people
  • Commitment to continuous improvement
  • Accountability to those we serve
  • Responsiveness to the health care needs of the community
  • Excellence in Primary Health Care

Vision Statement

Ashe Memorial Hospital, in recognition of its mission, will strive:

  • To provide the quality primary hospital and nursing facility services needed by the community;
  • To develop a system of health care services in partnership with the hospital’s Medical/Dental staff and the community, in order to provide the most appropriate care to the greatest number of people in need;
  • To maintain an environment which promotes safety, satisfaction and opportunity for the patients, employees, physicians and the community;
  • To maintain the hospital's financial ability to support quality health care at a reasonable cost, in accordance with community needs and regulatory authority; and
  • To demonstrate by actions and results the commitment to continuous improvement.

Statement of Values

Ashe Memorial Hospital’s vision is to uphold our mission. We will accomplish this through the joint efforts of the hospital leadership, staff, medical staff, other healthcare agencies and the community. To achieve our vision we will promote these values:

PEOPLE: We value all people — those we serve and those with whom we work. We encourage people to express ideas and consider suggestions from others. We work together as a team, and treat each other with respect and as customers of each other.

SERVICE: We value listening, caring and being sensitive to the needs of others. We respond to patients, family members, community members, each member of the hospital team and whomever else we may serve in a manner that clearly indicates our desire not only to meet their needs, but also to exceed their expectations.

COMMUNICATION: We value continuously improving communications within the organizations and with all the publics served by members of our team.

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: We value continuously improving upon everything we do to achieve excellence in performance. This continuous improvement applies to people as well, and we encourage personal growth and learning for all members of our team.

RESOURCE USE: We value our resources and recognize that we will fulfill our mission only if we successfully manage our financial and other resources. Therefore, we actively create innovative, collaborative, cost-effective systems throughout the organization to continuously improve the management of all resources used.

ETHICAL CONDUCT: We value the trust placed in our institution by ourselves and others; therefore, we should strive to use the best judgement and highest ethical standards in all our business and personal dealings. We will conduct ourselves with honesty, fairness and integrity treating others as we would wish to be treated.