Mission, Vision and Values

About Our Mission Statement

Our mission, values and vision promote teamwork, dedication, caring, listening, service and concern for the well-being of our patients, staff and visitors, and have been serving the health care needs of Ashe County since 1941.

Mission Statement

To meet the needs of the community by delivering patient-centered, high quality health care.

Vision Statement

Ashe Memorial Hospital will be the nation's premier community hospital.

Statement of Values

To achieve our vision we will promote these values:

CARING: We treat everyone with dignity, respect, courtesy and compassion.

SAFETY: We are committed to promoting high quality and safe care; we will always speak up for the safety of our patients and each other.

INTEGRITY: We are honest and ethical; respecting the rights of patients, families and each other.

TEAMWORK: Our business is the care of all people, starting with our valued team members.

ADAPTABILITY: We are a resilient team with the flexibility to respond to the changing needs of others.


Mission vision values